Flame or Redemption

Melodic Death Metal aus München, seit 2018



Formed in Munich at the beginning of 2018 by vocalist Isabelle, Flame or Redemption is a new melodic death metal entity ready to take the metal stages by storm. With the addition of the two guitarists Albert and Matthieu, the first songs quickly shaped up and their very first gig at the SPH Bandcontest proved to be as triumphant as a live debut can be – winning them first place and a direct qualification for the city finale, where they landed a solid second place and entered the regional finale.After helping out on the low end for the first live shows, the chemistry in the band was found to be just perfect, so Fabian on bass is completing the line-up now as the fifth and final fulltime member.
Flame or Redemption draw their influences from a wide array of metal greats, ranging from classic (...) Mehr anzeigen female fronted bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation to the more extreme sounds of Gojira, Avatar or Behemoth. Lyrically, themes like life and death, free will, the seven mortal sins or innocence also reflect the paradox of life, just like the bandname Flame or Redemption.
With their debut album in the making and already the first shows under their belts, Flame or Redemption are ready to show the world what they are passionate about: metal!
Highly recommended for fans of Jinjer, Lacuna Coil or In Flames. Weniger anzeigen


Isabelle Croft


Ale Jandro Drums


Matthieu Kuntz


Mil Rad



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