Full Moon Frenzy

Alternative Rock aus Berlin, seit 2017



In the night of Thursday, 5th January 2017, the air is freezing at -7° Celsius in Berlin. Jan pulls his hood deeper as he walkes briskly through the chilling rain that turnes the streets to ice.
Guitar player and vocalist René and his bass-pounding sidekick Stefan have invited him to play drums on their new alternative rock side-project. After one hour of jamming the decision is clear: this project must turn into a full-fledged band. So the guys pack up and head back out into the cold to look for a kick-ass singer.
Forward two months of auditions to the 2nd of March: Oli from South Africa stumps through the white fog covering the capital and joins the trio for rehearsal. This is it. The four guys leave their bands to become Full Moon Frenzy.
They record some demos, take some pictures and a (...) Mehr anzeigenrrange some gigs. They go public with their self-titled 3-track debut on a full blue moon: 31st March 2018.
Contact Full Moon Frenzy now to write the next chapter. Weniger anzeigen


René H.

Gitarrist, Sänger


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