Sleaze Metal / Hard Rock aus Stuttgart, seit 2007



What do you know about Stuttgart “Rock City”, Germany?
Well, expensive cars, high class machinery, the famous and delicious Spätzle (a tasty kind of noodle) and mainstream German Hip Hop. That was yesterday. BANG!

Time Warp:
The musical apocalypse left the music industry in ruins across the globe. The Boogieman himself binged and puked the four chosen ones back into the ruins of Stuttgart Rock City. Their mission: HELLDORADOS – Sleaze Metal to the MAX!

The hit potential of a catchy ABBA tune runs through the sleazy Guns N' Roses ear canal and damages your brain with Pantera brutality - that's the Helldorados.

We always liked those two kinds of music. The melodies, the slickness and the sleaze of Hard Rock Bands as well as the heaviness and the drive of the Metal Bands, Pierre (vocals), (...) Mehr anzeigenSteve (guitars), Gunnar (bass) and Chris (drums) do explain.

Everybody knew that a monster was born. Encounters with the devils of the music industry and ignorant newsmen didn’t slow the band from Stuttgart down. With their debut release „Just Rock“ in 2007, 500 copies sold by themselves and the Wolle Kriwanek award for “Best Performance” the first step was done. About 100 concerts and support shows for bands like Bullet, Enforcer, Rhino Bucket, Bloodlights or Die Happy and a loyal fanbase followed as same as a gala performance at the famous Bregenzer Seebühne for the European Soccer Cup one year later. Appreciative Helldorados agreed to a partnership with a local brewery, tattoos and of course fine women. Cutting-edge combining the musical hooks, power and glam in a final step Helldorados worked together with producer Mirko Hofmann and godfather Frank Bornemann in the legendary Horus Sound Studios in Hannover (Scorpions, Kreator, Helloween, Victory or Guano Apes), to record the new 4 songs strong self-titled E.P. With the outstanding result Helldorados are ready for the new millennium. The Helldorados sound to move to, words that speak, and looks that heroes are made of remains resolute. So dust off, open up your eyes and scream until you like it! Weniger anzeigen


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