Heavy Metal in the name of ROCK'N'ROLL! aus Witten, seit 2007


Label: M71


HOUNDWOLF is a heavy metal band from Witten (Germany) which commits itself to the original, Rock’n’Roll-driven form of this genre. The primary focus is always on the energy, songwriting and authenticity.
The band released its first EP Fast and Loose, produced by Mike Misar (Label: M71), on 6th October 2016. Their first full-length album Beware of the Dog (also produced by Mike Misar) was published on 24th November 2016. The next EP Tempted to Abuse (Label: M71) features four brand new songs and was released on 27th April 2018. Tempted to Abuse stands out due its organic sound, the straight songwriting and the unadorned, honest and open-minded lyrics.
HOUNDWOLF consist of the following band members: Milan Schloßmacher (Lead Vocals & Guitars), Daniel Teuchert (Bass & Backings) and Thomas Neu (...) Mehr anzeigenhaus (Drums). The age of the band members ranges from 26 to 31 years.
For years the band has managed to combine aggressive and fast riffs with groovy Hard Rock parts to create punching and still catchy songs. The songs include powerful up-tempo riffs, aggressive-easygoing Rock’n’Roll parts, memorable refrains and also merciless mosh parts, delivering everything a Hard’n’Heavy fan needs. However even softer passages and melodic hard rock ballads are part of the band's repertoire.
Despite its high versatility the music of HOUNDWOLF does not require any sound-samples or backing tracks and can be described as totally distinctive and punchy.
HOUNDWOLF stands for genuine and driving Heavy Metal with easy recognizable roots in Hard Rock and an in-your-face attitude.
Mail: booking@houndwolf.com
Homepage: houndwolf.com
Twitter: twitter.com...houndwolf_metal
Facebook: facebook.com...ndwolfofficial Weniger anzeigen


Milan Schloßmacher

Sänger, Gitarrist

Thomas Neuhaus


Daniel Teuchert

Gitarrist, Bassist


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