In Slumber

Melodic Death Metal aus Linz, seit 2003



IN SLUMBER is an elegant and emotional mixture of Old-School-Melodic-Death-Metal, melodic and even so brutal Metalcore and melancholic Dark-Metal.

IN SLUMBER has been formed in winter 2002.

The debut album Stillborn Rebirth has been recorded in 2003; a clear emotional hatework! The embracing of melancholy, aggression and beautiful accoustic parts composed by mastermind Wolfgang Rothbauer (mastermind of Thirdmoon, lead-guitar in Eisblut) established IN SLUMBER, after a very short time.

After lot of concerts and festivals, played with high-energy performance, that impressed both the audience & press, and with a new line-up (Manuel Bauer - Bass, Robert Bogner - Guitar, Simon Oeller - Guitar, Markus Pointner - Drums) IN SLUMBER entered the studio (2006) for their second album Scars: Incompl (...) Mehr anzeigenete (Massacre Records) which shows the band from a slower but heavier edge with more groove and more variety of vocal and guitar arrangements. So, IN SLUMBER was clearly drawn towards modern death metal!

In the year 2009 a new album entitled 'Arcane Divine Subspecies" has been produced. It was mixed and mastered in denmark by Peter "Ziggy" Siegfriedsen and Tue Madsen.
Manuel has quit the band for career reasons and since august 2009 a new bass-player is on board: Kay Brem! KAY is known as active member of successful swiss folkmetal band ELUVEITIE.

Watch out to see their concerts! IN SLUMBER show a high-energy performance that will kick your ass! Weniger anzeigen


Simon Öller


Markus Pointner


Roland Wurzer



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