the sexy drugs

indie-rock aus kaiserslautern, seit 2004


poppy 3 chord wonders & a pinch of sleaze.

THE SEXY DRUGS started in kaiserslautern,germany in the spring of 2001. the 1st version of the sexy drugs included
DAVID INDEPENDENCE on acoustic guitar & vocals & JOHNNY SWORDFIGHT on electronic drums.
the 2 practiced relenttlessly for a year and soon had a good number of proper songs tucked away.only one obstacle lay in their path :
a bass player.
finally after several unsuccesfull auditions by bass players to numerous to mention.
then in october 2004 MAX BANG joined & the sexy drugs as we know today were born.
the sexies played several gigs in 2005 and went directly into the studio to record the 8 song debut-album SATURDAY SCENE
, which featured the hit-singles GOT IT & ONE MORE CHANCE.
it was released may 2006 to rave reviews.
playing a lot o (...) Mehr anzeigenf gigs in 2007 & 2008,the band start to work on the 2nd album at the end of 2008.
in april 2009 we released our 2nd album "DIRTY KISSES" with a soldout show at the cotton club,kammgarn.
with the new album in the back,the gigs gettin bigger,we support such bands as THE CINEMATICS from scotland,THE BLUE VAN from denmark & the TRASHMONKEYS from bremen.
at the end of 2009 we start to record the 3rd album "CONCRETE JUNGLE LOVERS".
it was released april 2010 with a soldout show at the kramladen.
also we're having our first real musicvideo done for the titletrack "CONCRETE JUNGLE LOVERS".
the we played our first show outside of germany in france. Weniger anzeigen


sven seidemann


  1. concrete jungle lovers (concrete jungle lovers, 2010)Kommentar
  2. silverclouds (concrete jungle lovers, 2010)Kommentar
  3. good times (concrete jungle lovers, 2010)Kommentar
  4. sidney clementine (dirty kisses, 2009)Kommentar
  5. got it Kommentar
  6. one more chance Kommentar

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