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Indie-Pop aus Chur

Stunde Null für Polyphone. Alles ist möglich! „Silhouettes“ klingt nach einer Band, die all ihre Kräfte bündelt. Ein Album, welches stadiontaugliche Refrains, künstlerische Dynamik und schwärmer (...)


i heart sharks the ting tings placebo angels and airwaves two door cinema club

Stefany June

Indie Pop aus Oerlinghausen

When you are a petite blond and subject to a suspected helium addiction, you will have to be stubborn. How else will you become a rockstar? In 2010 Stefany June, a solo project of the girl backe (...)


feist la roux lykke li the ting tings

Mother Duck

Elektro, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock aus Aalen

Mother Duck combines psychedelic electroparts with funky guitartunes to create a mixture that gives you an incedrible experience. Mother Duck should be listened loud and late at night! The bran (...)


john frusciante red hot chili peppers the ting tings