Stefany June

Indie Pop aus Oerlinghausen, seit 2010



When you are a petite blond and subject to a suspected helium addiction, you will have to be stubborn. How else will you become a rockstar? In 2010 Stefany June, a solo project of the girl backed by a four men band in pursuit of europe, was the result of this ambition.

Stefanie's music has a strong spine of pop. It applies a beat that is solid, jumpy and a melody that lingers. Before you know it, you will find yourself singing along with the lyrics that catch and stick. There's a roughness to the character and energy to the attitude of the music thats brought to you in a full-on stage performance that 'glitters'. The result is a roaring animalistic-show with an aftertaste of sweet.

Over the past 2 years Stefany June has been indulging in live performances in the Netherlands, Germany an (...) Mehr anzeigend the UK, including playing shows such as De Wereld Draait Door, staging at the Hard Rock Calling Festival in London Hydepark (featuring Bon Jovi, the kaisercheefs) and supporting The Astroid Galaxy Tour.

The in november 2011 released EP entitled Dibadi has given us a taste of what a studio can do to this music and if this tastes to you like more; she is currently working on her debut album, financed through crowd-funding and scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2014.

2013 will be a crescendo with four musical treats to speak to anticipation. Weniger anzeigen


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