Blackwater Horizon

Hard Rock aus Mainz, seit 2011


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‘Catch the fire, join the show, and raise your glass to Rock‘n‘Roll!’
Your soul’s an anvil and Blackwater Horizon is the hammer to ignite pure Rock in your veins. It is the handicraft of three Brothers in Music that delivers a live experience, steered and driven by an unstoppable, heart beatin’ groove machine.
Rollin’ since 2011, Blackwater Horizon combines the thunder of Heavy Rock with finger lickin’ Blues riffs, manifested on “The Amusement Army” (2014) and “Bad John” (2017) and frequently felt live across Europe.
Don’t be fooled! You’ll taste a wall of sound as you have never witnessed it before – and yet you will know the melodies right from the beginning. That's what happens when three guys grew up through decades of Hard Rock, keeping the best ingredients in mind: Freedom, power and (...) Mehr anzeigen faithful love to Rock‘n‘Roll. Weniger anzeigen


Eric Haupt

Sänger, Gitarrist, Songwriter, Komponist

Matthias Gebauer

Bassist, Sänger, Mundharmonikaspieler

Rainer Schütte

Schlagzeuger, Sänger


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