Satanic Rock aus St. Wendel, seit 2010



In 2010 a band was founded out in the sticks of the rural Saarland town of St.Wendel, which set out to destroy all clichés and kick some serious ass!
At first nobody knew how to play his or her instrument. Even after several recasts that did not change, only the their ability to drink someone under the table grew!
The quartet tours the all over Europe and shared stages with bands such as Turbonegro, Black Fag, Kotzreiz, All For Nothing, Dampfmaschine, etc…
The entertainment is continuously growing, no matter if singer Max Mötherfucker heads glass bottles, guitarist Tommy Crack is, even with the greatest effort, just slurring or Matze Rosette falls asleep mid-show. Solely bass player Mrs. Mötherfucker sometimes is not that bad.
After a 10” EP, a 12” picture disc split, 7” split and a contri (...) Mehr anzeigenbution to the Turbonegro tribute sampler “Omega Motherfuckers” they finally release their long awaited first album!
10 songs at a killer speed, all of their friends shout along in the background and almost at the end Turbonegro bass player Happy Tom is stating the conclusion of the record: “Fuck Christmas!”

Bass - Nadine Mötherfucker
Drums - Äxl Export
Vocals - Max. Motherfucker
Guitar - Tommy Crack Weniger anzeigen


Busi Sanclaire


Max Kaspar


  1. Skate All Night (Appetite for Selfdestruction, 2013)Kommentar
    Track auf Soundcloud
  2. Wolfpack (Appetite for Selfdestruction, 2013)Kommentar
    Track auf Soundcloud
  3. Suicide Girls (Satanic Rock, 2011)Kommentar

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