Alternative Rock aus Köln, seit 2013



From outset, COLORWAVE was intended as boundless and borderless. The London/Cologne-based band fiercely present bold guitar sounds and brassy lyrics to frame the resounding defiance of present-day punk. Fireball vocals whip-up stirring and anarchic energy unhinged from category. They thump-out in the space between Alt Rock, Post Punk, and Garage Rock; themselves drawn to sounds from Marmozets, Calva Louise, and Royal Blood.
The core ethos feeding the band’s all-embracing spirit is expressed plainly: “We’re not just here to make sure people are ‘having a great time’ and ‘escape for a moment’. COLORWAVE is about sharing experience, about honesty – about tough love.”
They speak to all, the wildly weird, those wonderfully wicked, and every jagged crevice in-between. The soul of that message ru (...) Mehr anzeigenns its veins through their 2019 debut album NOMADS.
Since 2015, they have been strutting through the GER/NL underground scene to inspire and uproot any and all drawn to rapturous dance and song. A mega-milestone marked 2019 Campusfestival Mittweida: United, fans would belt-out COLORWAVE lyrics back to a dazzled and gratified band. Parallel scenes followed them in support shows for Boris Pelekh’s Hey Guy, Alice Merton, and Dilana.
Wired-up and ready to meld with electric crowds, COLORWAVE will be touring relentlessly throughout 2020. Gritty new releases can be expected as well! Make sure to catch a show and meet the band on tour! Weniger anzeigen


Jan Kuhn

Gitarrist, Producer


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