Post Black Metal (female fronted) aus Duisburg, seit 2012


Metal is our life, and we are living it black. Uncompromising. Oppressive. Dark. And yet, completely different. Having arisen out of the foundations of classic black metal, convictive are mining their way through modern metal. When an atmospheric heterotopia of guitars establishes a new world order, and a brutal female voice shatters everything at the same time - when a hammering bass invades the limits of the horizon in the pounding rhythm of the tearing double-base - that is convictive. The black phoenix from the West has spread its wings over the Ruhrgebiet, and is now conquering the entire metal scene in Germany and beyond. A modern sound, a modern guise and a dark concept. Convictive reinvents itself, but also embodies modern catharsis in harmony with the classic frameworks of metal. (...) Mehr anzeigenYou can feel it in the depth of their music, but also in in the depth of their hearts - that Convictive lives for their music. A metamorphosis from old and new, from classic and modern, from melancholic dystopia and brutal darkness. Convictive is black. Black is Convictive. Weniger anzeigen


Ben Con


Jennifer Gornicki



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