Metalcore, Melodic-Metalcore aus Gießen, seit 2009



OceanMind, these are Hendrik M. (vocals), Raphael T. (guitar, vocals), Karolina R.(guitar), Christopher K. (drums) and Mario R. (bass) from central Germany.

After numerous concerts and just one year in this cast , the Band - average of twenty-two years young musicians- release their demo in Summer 2012 .The expectation of the first publication of such a young band is not very high, but Reflections contains nine songs that are unexpectedly heavy and that also make you get goose bumbs.

One quickly realizes , that Reflections isn't just an average demo, one could even call it an entire album. Considering the skills and musicianship , soon it becomes clear that these musicans already reached a very high and professional level . While hearing this kind of sound, it is amazing to find out, tha (...) Mehr anzeigent they recorded and produced all this stuff on their own . With their style, they create a wonderful symbiosis of brutal riffs and catchy anthemic choruses . Therefore everyone who listens to bands like Killswitch Engage , Caliban or All that Remains , should have had listened to a sample of OceanMind. Weniger anzeigen


Mario R



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