Intelligent Indie Pop aus Karlsruhe



It is not sufficient to hear only one piece of this music to understand the project PHROSH. The aim is to combine the huge musical diversity at one disc. Duke Ellington plays Red Hot Chili Peppers songs and J. S. Bach covers Massive Attack.
It has never been adequate to express different feelings with the same interpretations. A song has to fit to everything around and it also must do a statement even without lyrics. That is exactly what you will discover if you listen to a drummer singing ballads, a person knowing the music from both sides Rhythm and Harmony. Against every prejudice, which rhytmical musicians have to stand, you can hear beautiful melodies connected with innovative and adventurous elements.
Percussions are melting into vocals, sacral Choirs are singing something about th (...) Mehr anzeigene last party, empty bottles are playing the blue from the sky and someone explains the bad world in the bathroom without getting silly or irrelevant.
Obviously, this idea works, to use everything what is available, to experience musical freedom without limits where humor is within.

"...music comes from life..."
mick goodrick Weniger anzeigen


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