Groove- | Modern- | Thrash-Metal aus Essen, seit 2018


Management/Booking: info@unforged.de


If the21st century was a metal band, it would probably be called “Unforged” -raw and honest, what this century deserves. UNFORGED frees us from self-made and imposed oppression through hard hitting rhythms. Their lyrics fight their way through everyday life like a modern “catcher in the rye” and are honest and suitable for the masses.
The band consists of Chrys (vocals), Mika Alva (lead guitar), Thommy Scar (rhythm guitar), Chris Anthrope (bass guitar) and Nico Alva (drums). All of them grew up in the Ruhr area and gained metal experience in various formations until they got together 3 years ago. UNFORGED was born with the aim of combining modern metal with the best elements of inspirations such as Metallica, Pantera, Trivium or Slipknot.
In concrete terms, this means musically: partly har (...) Mehr anzeigend, partly groovy-melodic song elements, choruses that the crowd can roar along and a combination of dark and powerful shouts with clear vocals.
Their first release was the single "Fight for Your Life" at the end of 2019, already recorderd, mixed and produced by Corny Rambado (Sodom, Disbilief, Bonded etc.) and mastered by Dennis Köhne (Oden Organ, Exumer, Lacuna Coil etc.). The song got very fast more than 4,000 clicks on Spotify and is regularly played on radio stations as ‘Radio BOB’ -apparently a catchy tune.
Now a 45-minute program is completed and has passed first live tests very successful; more gigs will follow. A complete album is already recorded and mastered, again together with the 'dream-team' Corny Rambado and Dennis Koehne, a 4K video produced by Redwood is already shot and prepared for album release promotion in autumn 2020.
We're still looking for several gigs in 2021 and happy for any contact! Cheers and #BeUnforged! Weniger anzeigen


Nico Alva




Mika Alva


Thommy Scar



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